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Pizza Box Inserts

Our pizza box inserts set the standard in the business. Our proprietary Dri-Pie inserts fit perfectly inside various pizza boxes, from 10 inches up to 16 inches, and they do exactly what they say they do - they keep the pizza dry, as well as the box, by soaking up the excess grease that is often so prevalent in pizza.

Our Dri-Pie inserts are created to fit perfectly inside the appropriate pizza box so no grease can seep through at any corner or edge. This will keep the box dry, which keeps your delivery drivers' hands dry and will ultimately please your customers because they won't have to wipe their hands with a napkin before eating the pizza. This is a small investment to make for outstanding customer service! So make sure to get your Dri-Pie inserts now and keep your customers coming - with dry hands!

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10" DRI-PIE (250 per case)
Your Price: $13.15
12" DRI-PIE (250 per case)
Your Price: $18.43
14" DRI-PIE (250 per case)
Your Price: $25.11
16" DRI-PIE (250 per case)
Your Price: $32.19