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High Quality Pizza Boxes Made right here in the USA.

Star Pizza Box is America’s one-stop-shop for all sorts of pizza boxes, their related products, and accessories. Offering only pizza-related products that have been made in the USA, Star Pizza Box has the singular goal of providing you the food-delivery containers you need to be a success.

Star Pizza Box's pizza boxes are available in either white or brown and in a variety of sizes. All of our generic boxes come printed with our signature "Red Brick" design. We also have a wide selection of circular and square pizza-box inserts, plain pizza boxes and custom boxes that can carry sub sandwiches, single slices of pie, and chicken wings. Star Pizza Box sells 20-oz. RedBrick cups.

Star Pizza Box is ready to provide you with the pizza boxes and related items you and your restaurant are looking for. We are here to help you succeed!

If you have any questions about ordering, please call Star Pizza Box at 800-626-0828 or email us at

Featured Products
10" Red Brick Generic Kraft (Brown) Pizza Box
Your Price: $12.27
14" Red Brick Generic Kraft (Brown) Pizza Box
Your Price: $17.25
15" Plain White Outside/Kraft Inside Pizza Box
Your Price: $22.87
18" Plain Kraft (Brown) Pizza Box
Your Price: $25.74
20" Plain Kraft (Brown) Pizza Box
Your Price: $21.74
8" Plain Kraft (Brown) Pizza Box
Your Price: $10.20